GC English Department Mentoring Cluster Program

The English Department has an innovative mentoring program, originally created by Nancy Silverman. We match incoming students with continuing students, alums, and faculty members. These clusters meet in various combinations throughout the year, with monthly prompts to help guide discussion.

The Mentoring Cluster program has been a tremendous success. It fosters community, builds bonds between students, informs new students, involves alumni, and helps faculty understand what their students are facing. In shared meetings online or in person, cluster participants talk honestly about such matters as how to manage workload, choose courses, apply to conferences, and thrive in NYC.

This website is designed to facilitate the work of the Mentoring Clusters by providing a central place to help set up meetings, with contact information, prompts, and calendar scheduling capacity. On the resources page you will find information about mentoring originally collected by Jamie Zabinsky. Additionally, we have created a conversation page for posts, enabling people across the clusters to brainstorm together.

The website was originally designed by Dasharah Green and completed by Emma Deshpande in March 2023.